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Wiring Diagram Simple USB Car Charger using LM2596 IC

RealAutoTips. - This is wiring diagram of simple USB charger for your car that will help you to provide charger in your car this time.

Wiring Diagram

Figure 1. Wiring Diagram Simple USB Car Charger using LM2596 IC
(Source: ElectronicKitSchool)

Component Parts

  • LM2596 IC
  • D4: 1N5408
  • D1: 1N5824*
  • D3: Red LED
  • D2: Green LED
  • L1: 33uH/3Amp
  • C3: 100nF
  • C2: 470uF/25V
  • C1: 220uF/25V
  • R1: 330 ¼ w
  • R2: 330 ¼ w
  • SW1: On/off switch
  • J1: USB Socket
  • FU1: 4Amp Fuse 


Wiring diagram above is Wiring Diagram Simple USB Car Charger using LM2596 IC. According ElectronicKitSchool site describe that the USB Battery Charging Specification, a device plugged into a USB port to charge may find itself connected to a source that is capable of data transfer as well as power, or it may be connected to a source that provides power only. If the source supports data, the device is expected to do a trickle charge only, but if the source does not support data, the device may draw more current because the source is likely to be an ac adapter. 

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