Monday, October 10, 2016

Car Modification 2016: Volvo 740 TI 1991, Sweden Taste Germany

RealAutoTips. - For you who want to modify your Volvo car specially Volvo 740 TI 1991, maybe you can read this reference to make your car so taste from Sweden to Germany.

Courtesy of Otomotifnet

Like reported from Mobil Otomotifnet, (2016/10/09) show us the car modification from Volvo 740 TI 1991, Sweden Taste Germany. This modification aim to restore the glory of Volvo to modify and use as a daily car.

Volvo IT 740 series is designed to change style modifications by the style of the late 1990s using a large rim and flat. Rim options, true Carlsson 1/6 Evo 19x8,5 + 10 inch size for Mercedes-Benz. But still fitted with cast Accelera tires 225 / 35ZR19 front and 235 / 35ZR19 rear. To rim suspension is used per custom. Then the corner lamp replaced USDM version of the 940 to be more fresh.

Mounted side marker also has BMW 318i E30 and fender turn signal BMW 3 series E36. At the back also added 740 OEM rear garnish.

Courtesy of Otomotifnet

Log into the interior, the original framework of the front seat has been replaced with 960 Royal is already electrically. The rest, quite a head unit Pioneer AVH-X5750BT with slim head rest monitor so I can watch favorite movie.

Modification Data:

  1. Exterior: 940 USDM Corner lamp, side marker BMW 318i E30, sein fender BMW 3 series E36, Websto Comfort sunroof, rear garnish OEM 740, ducktail
  2. Rim and legs: Carlsson 1/6 Evo 19x8,5 + 10 inches, Accelera tires 225 / 35ZR19 front, 235 / 35ZR19 rear, per custom
  3. Interior: Head 2DIN unit Pioneer AVH-X5750BT, slim universal head rest monitor, speakers split Flux, order electric seats Volvo 960 Royal

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