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Free Download Autodata 2015 Version 3.45 Full Keygen Serial Crack License Included for Automotive Diagnosing Repairing Software

RealAutoTips. - This is information for you from Autodata version 3.45 as called with Autodata 2015 for you after we posted Autodata 2015 Version 3.45 for Automotive Diagnosing Repairing Software without download.

In here we will give you more detail description about Autodata 3.45 like model list, HDD information, and system requirement to use this software. And the last we will give you link to take free download Autodata 2015 Version 3.45 Full Keygen Serial Crack License Included for Automotive Diagnosing Repairing Software from external server.


This is Autodata 2015 Version 3.45 Full Keygen Serial Crack License Included for Automotive Diagnosing Repairing Software for you who want to update the Autodata version.

This is AUTODATA 3.45 Full Keygen Serial Crack License Included for you. Autodata the popular program for car-care centers contains the information on systems of injection of petrol and some diesel engines (PINDATA), as parameters for adjustment of disorder-convergence, installations of belts and circuits, repair of conditioners, pillows of safety, ABS and other systems of cars of the European manufacture. In program Autodata there are wiring diagrams and schemes of an arrangement of units, also contains the information on flat rates.

Autodata 3.45 download software Models List:

  1. Alfa Romeo
  2. Asia
  3. Audi
  4. Bedford
  5. Bedford HGV
  6. BMW
  7. Carbodies
  8. Chrysler/Jeep
  9. Citroen
  10. Dacia
  11. Daewoo
  12. Daf-Leyland
  13. Daihatsu
  14. Deutz-Fahr
  15. Dodge
  16. ERF
  17. Fendt
  18. Fiat
  19. Foden
  20. Ford
  21. FSO
  22. Hino
  23. Honda
  24. Hyundai
  25. Innocenti
  26. Isuzu
  27. Iveco
  28. Jaguar (Daimler)
  29. John Deere
  30. Kia
  31. Lada
  32. Lancia
  33. Land Rover
  34. LDV
  35. Lexus
  36. Lotus
  37. MAN
  38. Maruti
  39. Massey Ferguson
  40. Mazda
  41. MCC
  42. Mercedes-Benz
  43. Mercedes-Benz HGV
  44. MINI
  45. Mitsubishi
  46. Moskvich
  47. New Holland
  48. Nissan
  49. Opel/Vauxhall
  50. Pegaso
  51. Peugeot
  52. Piaggio
  53. Porsche
  54. Proton
  55. Renault
  56. Renault HGV
  57. Renault Tractors
  58. Rover
  59. Saab
  60. Sao
  61. Scania
  62. Seat
  63. Skoda
  64. Ssangyong
  65. Steyr
  66. Subaru
  67. Suzuki
  68. Talbot (Hillman)
  69. Tata
  70. Toyota
  71. Trabant
  72. Umo/Belarus
  73. Universal
  74. Valmet
  75. Vauxhall/Opel
  76. Volkswagen
  77. Volvo
  78. Volvo HGV
  79. Wartburg
  80. Zastava (Yugo)
  81. Zetor

Autodata 3.45 software HDD information: 

  • Known fixes and bulletins
  • Technical data
  • Repair times
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tyre pressures / Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Timing belts / timing chains
  • Service schedules / Service indicator
  • Service illustrations
  • Electric parking brake / Battery disconnection and reconnection
  • Key programming
  • Guided diagnostics
  • Diagnostic trouble codes
  • Engine management / Component testing
  • Engine management / Pin data
  • Engine management / Trouble shooter
  • Airbags
  • Air conditioning
  • Anti-lock brake system
  • Component locations
  • Wiring diagrams

Minimum system requirements:

  1. CPU: 400Mhz (1.2Ghz or higher recommended)
  2. GPU: 128MB memory
  3. RAM: 512MB
  4. HDD: 2GB
  5. Other: Screen resolution 800×600 and Display set to 16 bit colour or higher.

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  1. after installation I get the error message “E0209 sentinel key not found”

    What is the problem?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. You need to go to start menu and run emulator from there (green circle button) click on that and wait patiently for it to install till its finished and you should be able to run program as normal . Do not install emulator from folder on disc , it will not work from there !!!!
      Also when it's working , do not touch the green emulator circle button again , leave well alone as it's doing its job for you .

  3. I downloaded this. Announced this: E0209 sentinel key not found. The Start menu does not exist any car autodata or emulator green circle. What to do wrong?

  4. This did not work for me i got it from Filesidaly

  5. este autodata 2015 se puede instalar en español




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