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How to Choose and Replace Car Tires Safely

RealAutoTips. - One the important part in our car is the tires. Tires become the car part which will contact directly with the road. So, for the saving, comfortable, and the fuel efficiency reasons, it very important to choose the car tires.

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In here, there are many tips to you on how to choose and replace car tires safely come from Manager Proving Ground Bridgestone Tire Indonesia, Mr. Zulpata Zaenal that quote from DetikOto (2016/09/29).

First and most importantly, find tires the same size as recommended by the car manufacturer. Prompts car manufacturers regarding tire is usually printed on the car door. Even so, the car owner can still increase the size of the wheels of the vehicle. Provided, the increase in size is still within reasonable limits.

When will be grade up, which should be considered the standard fixed the car manufacturer how. The first dimension of tires. For example, car A ring size 14 baseball abruptly 18 inches. No count. At least the same height. So for example the size 175 / 65-14, would be raised to ring 15, so 185 but its aspect ratio decreased to 60, so the same height. That's what baseball is screwed later odometer, fuel consumption there is, braking too. Minimal up one or down one.

That must be considered when increasing the size of the wheels of the vehicle is the load index should still refer to the car manufacturer's recommendations. Load index is an index of the tire's ability sustain the load. If the tires were like no writing 185/65 R15 82H, for example, 82 it was load index. Load index the tire's ability sustain the load. Load index may fall baseball at all, it should be the same as in the ability of the tire. Because they had been counted.

After determining the size of the tires, make sure the tires are appropriate. The use of tires for ordinary road, smooth road, the road is somewhat rough to very bad roads would require a different tire. Decide on a suitable development. If we despise the road on highway, for example, the development of finer-grained wrote. But if for example a bit rocky, it took a different tire again. The most obvious was in the SUV, to the toll road or Highway Luxury HL-life, the total course she's highway only. Or rather common All Terrain (AT) so be on your way very smooth or slightly rough. There is also the MT or Mud Terrain. There is also the MT Extreme adventure (extreme offroad).

Further to consider when choosing tires is compound. Indeed, the layman gets hard to see the state of a tire compound. It can be seen from the brand, the cheap fake or not. Once he bought, most caught the braking on wet or dry roads. The braking effect of the tire really big. Because stuck to the road it was just the tires. People can know the compound of the tire brand. Motif that looks good for a wet road is not necessarily if compound support. See also in the brochure, that claims that any tire manufacturer. Baseball tire manufacturer may refuse its claims.

Finally, refer to the warranty provided by the manufacturer of tires. Match it can ensure that the tires are not defective. Warranty that the product is not defective. If the damage to the plant definitely be replaced. Bridgestone warranty 5 years after purchase. Since the purchase, you know, go from the serial number (production date).

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