Sunday, October 30, 2016

This is Wiper for Tropical Climate from Bosh

RealAutoTips. - There are many kinds of wiper manufacturer that design for many condition. And now, Bosh want to present new wiper design for tropical climate that it will very nice for car that used in tropical climate.

Image Courtesy of Otomotif Metrotvnews

Reported from Otomotif Metrotvnews, (2016/10/30), that manufacturers of automotive components, Bosch, introduced the Clear Advantage wipers for cars in the tropics. Clear Advantage is equipped with a flat-blade technology that makes it more flat wiper wiping the glass.

"The distance driver's vision is limited while driving can be fatal. Approximately 70 percent of accidents on the road caused by the visibility poor. Most triggered quality wiping wiper inconsistent," said Marketing Manager of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Indonesia, Griselda Iwandi.

Flat-blade technology that carried wiper Clear Advantage combines single steel springs and rubber formulations developed by Bosch. This combination presents a uniform distribution of pressure throughout the wiper blades and windshield. As a result of increased wiping capabilities and more subtle movements.

"The presence wiper Clear Advantage series for safer driving requirements for drivers in Indonesia," said Griselda.

For durability, Clear Advantage can last more than 20 thousand times wiping the glass. Additionally, rubber parts are specifically designed to survive in tropical climates.

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