Friday, November 4, 2016

Car Modification 2016: Best Modification Holden WB Full with Mural

RealAutoTips. - There are many Holden car lover in this world like in Australia and also in Indonesia. Holden lovers pick up this classic was quite a lot. In addition to its uniqueness, this car is also relatively rare because only produced from 1980-1984.

Image Courtesy of Otomotif Viva

Accordingly Otomotif Viva, (2016/10/26), that Holden pickup is the successor generation Holden HZ which only lasted four years on the market Australia. In 1984 production earlier dismissed for Holden pickup sales is not too promising.

However, because the population is not a lot of it, this pickup Holden relatively rare vehicle. So do not be surprised if the fans also loved muscle car, there are collected in the garage of the house, there are also only used as a shop display.

Image Courtesy of Otomotif Viva

One modification of Holden car look like is doing by Yudha Ariftian. Holden is his only as a display of its Vespa repair shop. He said, to illustrate that the workshop owner also liked especially muscle car Holden.

Not much modified, because it maintains the original part. Holden got up costs are also not cheap. So I made eccentric wrote on the outer body. The purpose of the word eccentric, full body only use primer (poxy) and was often painted free.

In the sector of the legs, the user's OS Vintage Autoservice still maintain original front of the rear suspension. "short bit though more fit to tires. Fender Fender lips still original look, what I let baseball too tight folding tires," he said.

Data modification

  • Engine: 3,300 cc WB
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Body paint: Poxy
  • Rim front / rear: Centerline R15
  • Front tires: Bridgestone 215/55
  • Rear tires: 255/60 Sumitomo HTR
  • Suspension: Custom
  • Seat: Mercedes-Benz
  • Header: 153

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