Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Car Modification 2016: Conjure Car Being Walked Office

RealAutoTips. - This is unique car modification today for you who like with walked office from your car. Now, you can modify your car being walked office when you difficult to make office in your place.

Image Courtesy of Otomotif Viva

Reported from Otomotif Viva, (2016/10/28), that Nissan car company in Europe to collaborate with the design firm Studio Hardie to turn the electric car Nissan e-NV200. Van this one transformed like an office on the go. E-NV200 car called the Workspace is intentionally designed to give the imagination for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get a tiny office, so no need to pay the rent.

From the changes made, this car does look like a small office equipped with wooden floors, a touch screen computer, a coffee-making machine, refrigerator, table and folding chairs.

Not to stop there, to support the needs of the job, the car is also equipped with wireless internet, mobile phones are controlled with LED lights, wireless phone battery charging, and an audio system with Bluetooth.

Image Courtesy of Otomotif Viva

Access the entrance also made wide enough. Of course, this can give the impression of a more natural, so the office was located in the outdoor area with views that are different every day.

Based on the survey conducted by Nissan Britain, the price to rent an office in London today could reach 16 193 pounds sterling per square meter per year. The figure will increase by 1.4 percent annually.

Image Courtesy of Otomotif Viva

With the office car is running, it will be an alternative to reduce spending. "We specialize in creating amazing space in places unexpected, but we never did in electric cars," said William Hardie, founder of Studio Hardie.

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