Thursday, November 17, 2016

Car Modification 2016: Honda Civic Turbo Look Like Star Wars

RealAutoTips. - This is information for you from Honda Civic car with the it modification in 2016. In this modification Honda Civic Turbo modify look like with the movie Star Wars.

Image Courtesy of Otomotif Viva

Reported from Otomotif Viva, (2016/11/13) that alloy black paint and red stickers are identical to the modification of the Honda Civic Turbo like character Darth Maul. Honda Civic Turbo brings a more ferocious. Performance is also more capable, thanks to the presence of turbocharger technology in four-cylinder engine with a capacity 1.500cc mounted on the car.

This car can also look even more sporty touch with some minor modifications. Modifications were done HPM Civic Turbo merely hint that the car can still look more cool again. If observed, the combination of matte black paint on the body with a red sticker create an impression of the character of Darth Maul, the antagonist in the movie Star Wars.

Changes made on the exterior of the rim, brake and headlights. With standard calipers painted red just. If the rim, we bring from abroad. On loan from Japanese suppliers.

Data modification

  1. Rim front / rear: Torsion R18
  2. Caliper: Red Cat
  3. Front tires: Bridgestone 243/40
  4. Rear tires: Bridgestone 245/40
  5. Headlamp: Smoke
  6. Rearlamp: Smoke
  7. Cat: Black doff
  8. Logo: Honda Racing

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