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Let to know what are the differences of Manumatic and Tiptronic transmission in car

RealAutoTips. - Maybe you will know only two kinds of car transmission which called with manual and automatic transmission. But, when you searching more the car transmission again you will find other name transmission look like manumatic and tiptronic transmission. I also found the term tiptronic transmission when i read BMW 1997 which mention that the transmission is triptonic. In initially i confuse with the name, and i search to know this transmission.

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Manual transmission show us that when we switch the gear firstly we should tread the clutch before we change the gear and the affect our car will run slowly. So this is not suitable for race car. And car manufacturers today develop switching gear without tread the clutch before and it's not will change the run of the car. So, the new transmission in car found with the name automatic transmission. And now the new car released using this transmission.

As reported by DetikOto, (2016/12/06), there are many type or variant of automatic transmission mentioned like manumatic transmission. And in some other car manufacture using other term for the automatic transmission like tiptronic, Geartronic, touchshift, sporttronic, clutchless-manual, and other.

And here we will give you global information about the differences of manumatic and tiptronic transmission as like the title above.

A. Manumatic Transmission

Manumatic come from two words combination these are manual and automatic. So with technology be used in manumatic transmission is combine manual and automatic technology for transmission. 

Car which using manumatic transmission not only use automatic transmission but also use manual transmission. But people who using manumatic transmission still switch the handle of gear manual without tread the clutch again and can continue with add the acceleration and also brake it. So we also can mention or call that manumatic is automatic transmission who mention around people now.

Manumatic transmission also will allow us to adjust the acceleration with only switch the gear from low to high. It is also people can gain the engine braking power, fast to switch the gear, and switch low and high the gear easily. All do without tread the clutch.

There are two gearshift mechanism in manumatic transmission these are paddle shifter like used in commonly car and handle like used in race car. All of them allow user to raise and lower the gear easily.

B. Tiptronic Transmission

Tiptronic transmission is the transmission term that used for Porsche car as their trade name. But this name also used for other car like Land Rover, Audi, SEAT, Bugatti, Lamborghini, BMW, and Volkswagen.

In tiptronic transmission is use torque converter. The majority of cars that use fixed tiptronic transmission to shift automatically to protect the teeth transmission systems and machines. This is seen in the Audi. Dental Audi cars will move from 1 to 2 automatically when the car drove from the stop position.

the system will wait for the user to move into third gear and so on. If the user does not also move the teeth to a certain speed limit, the computer will automatically take over and move the teeth. And conversely, when the engine rotation decreases, the computer will wait for the driver to lower the gear or the computer itself will decrease it.

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