Monday, December 5, 2016

Peugeot Prepare the Race Car Le Mans

RealAutoTips. - The minimum fund make the Peugeot pause to follow the Le Mans race competition in 2012. But, now Peugeot want to participate again in this race with prepare the race car which will offer the some sustainbility car.

Image Courtesy of DetikOto

Reported from DetikOto, (2016/12/05) that the return of Peugeot in the race 24 hours Le Mans endurance may be a frightening specter for other manufacturers. Because Peugeot had become the best in the event by being able to reach 251 mph, equivalent to 403 km / h. And to be able to follow this prestigious event, said Peugeot had to really notice things.

First, Peugeot need to improve the financial situation. Secondly, managing finances to determine how much funding to develop their racing cars. Third, it should be given enough time to build a car that can compete with Porsche and Toyota, which has shown its presence at the event.

Not only in the event the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Peugeot also said to participate in the rally racing dakar. Peugeot dear toughness not want to divulge anything that would be owned by their race cars. 

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