Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The New Porsche 911 Will Use Hybrid Engine

RealAutoTips. - This is information for you from Porsche 911 car with the article that this car will plan using hybrid engine for their new performance.

Image Courtesy of DetikOto

Reporting from DetikOto, (2016/12/28), that in November 2016 saveral mount ago, Porsche has unveiled the latest generation of 911 to 2017. The Porsche 911 RSR is only for use in sirkut racing competition. Apparently they do not feel there needs to be upgraded to the 911 version of the highway the previous generation.

But leading sport car manufacturer from Stuttgart is rumored are saving a surprise for 2018-2019. In the latest generation Porsche 911 version of the highway will be launched with the addition of a new option for all-wheel drive variants. Fixed central engine with the option of plug-in hybrid, 6-cylinder turbocharged engine combined with an electric motor.

Additional electric motor is certainly going to affect the weight and stability. The adjustment was made to the position of the engine remain at the center, namely forward approximately 1 inch from the previous order to maintain balance while maneuvering.

As quoted from Road & Track, there is no information whether the new position of the machine will affect the interior design. Especially rear seat design for this is actually only free for toddlers, not adult passengers. To design ekteriornya certainly retains the traditional body lines all generations classic Porsche 911 coupe.

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