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Ducati Launched Diavel Diesel for a Brand Life Style Fashion

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Image Courtesy of Otomotif Metrotvnews

Reported from Otomotif Metrotvnews, (2017/01/18), that Ducati Diavel Diesel is meant here is not a big motor Ducati Diavel diesel. Rather special edition Ducati Diavel finally see a touch of designers Diesel, a brand the world's leading fashion life style.

MOGE full name is quite long, Ducati Diavel Diesel Limited Edition Never Look Back. Those last three words -Never Look back- engraved above the small plate and affixed to the frame is the spirit that carried Ducati and Diesel through the work with them is, go ahead and do not be late with the past.

No frills made limited edition as only 666 units to be marketed worldwide limited basis. There are specific reasons why only 666 units were made. "Ducati Diavel and Diesel. Three words and each consist of six letters," explains creative director of Diesel, Andrea Rosso, as quoted

In contrast to the top-class MOGE generally flushing paint sparkling, Diesel Ducati Diavel just the opposite. Aluminum plates forming its body is only covered varnish so more like stainless-stell sheets full of streaks and rust hue. Even accentuate the lines of weld joints between panels trace parts.

Shabby appearance reminiscent vehicle in the movie Mad Max is a typical Diesel who popularized fashion jeans torn, brittle and faded. But that was not too impressed scrap metal, high quality leather wrapped into a single seat model is similar to the anteater and stern detail.

Another part that identifies them as exclusive MOGE is Zircotec ceramic-coated exhaust pipes and ended up with a black matte black silencer. Detail of red color for Diesel logo on the hood scoop, LCD panel and Brembo calipers cover flanking the front wheels.

This project is the second time took Ducati Diesel spawn moge limited edition. Collaborative work of two manufacturers who are both based in Italy this is the Ducati Monster 1100 EVO Diesel in 2013.

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