Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Electric Car Tesla X Model Completed with Accident Detection

RealAutoTips. - If do you need the advanced safety car in this year, maybe Tesla will recomend for you now. It is because that Tesla from U.S production support their new model with accident detection for their user.

Image Courtesy of DetikOto

Reported by DetikOto, (2017/01/03), that Tesla has equipped the car with advanced safety features. One of them is a collision avoidance system.

More recently, Tesla Model X electric car that was speeding managed to avoid accidents. In fact, the car Autopilot system was not activated.

Even so, Forward Collision Warning feature still works. The system can emit an acoustic signal and applying emergency braking.

In a video uploaded on the Twitter account @HansNoordsij, Tesla Model X is able to detect an accident before the incident. After giving the warning, the car also apply emergency braking automatically.

"No one can predict the crash, but the radar do so and apply the emergency brake," wrote @HansNoordsij in the video description. 

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