Thursday, February 16, 2017

Hypercar Aston Martin Specification Adopt the Technology of F1 Supercar

RealAutoTips. - Maybe you will enjoy the driving using car with the taste F1 supercar will the appearance of Hypercar Aston Martin. It is let you know that this car using specification look like F1 supercar technology.

Image Courtesy of Suara Otomotif

Reported from Suara Otomotif, (2017/02/16), that Aston Martin revealed the engine specifications that will be used for their hypercar, AM-RB 001. Drives super fast technology adopted racecar Formula One (F1) this would hold the naturally-aspirated engine of 6.5 l V12.

The machine was later made by Cosworth. Cosworth, the famous engine manufacturer with much experience in the field of racing, Aston Martin is believed to make hypercar predicted would be as fast as the cars 'pole' F1 it.

Naturally-aspirated engine of 6.5 l V12 is expected to be poured 900hp power with ease. Additional power will come from the system power utilization of F1 racing cars.

The energy utilization system can collect energy generated from braking, and then store it in the battery made in Rimac. The names of other famous Aston Martin will also towed to turn the AM-seven-speed transmission 001. RB-RB AM 001 plans supplied by Ricardo.

Bosch also currently developing the Engine Control Unit (ECU) specifically for AM-RB 001. There is also Alcon and Surface Transform which distributes brake caliper and disc carbon discs with the same specifications as F1 car.

In addition, Multimatic, is building a carbon fiber monocoque chassis. As has been widely known, Aston Martin embracing dedengkot F1 team Red Bull Racing's Adrian Newey designing AM-RB 001. The man who served as the Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull Racing's say that AM-001 RB will be very similar to the F1 car in performance so as to make it required the efforts of a great team.

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