Monday, May 1, 2017

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell: the latest hydrogen car reviewed by Tony Middlehurst

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The new Clarity Fuel Cell is on sale in small numbers in the US and Japan at around £40,000, and Honda is showing and running small Clarity fleets in Europe, but it won't be selling the car on this continent until the next-generation model comes on stream – and that isn’t happening until 2022.

What’s the reasoning for this super-advanced European preview, then? It could be that Honda wants to divert a little of the hydrogen limelight from Toyota, who are already selling their fuel cell Mirai here. Honda also wants to reduce its production costs in order to get the asking price down to something more accessible than £40,000.

With 30 years’ work invested in hydrogen technology, Honda believes it’s the leader in the field, even though production cars aren’t widely available yet. Not enough of them, at any rate. The daily output of the Clarity pilot plant in Japan is just three cars, and they’re all going to places with more established infrastructure and interest in this type of motoring: places like Germany, Denmark, California and Japan.

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