Monday, May 15, 2017

Porsche 911 achieves One Million production milestone by Bilal Ahmed Firfiray

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Porsche 911 has been a formidable sportscar since its inception back in 1963. Now after being in production for 54 long years, the German sports car has achieved a milestone of rolling out its one millionth vehicle. Commemorating this landmark achievement, the one millionth 911 is a one-off celebratory edition ‘Irish green’ Carrera S with “numerous exclusive features following the original 911 from 1963”.

According to Porsche, of the million 911s ever produced, 70 percent of them (around 70 lakh) are still on the roads today. The 911 may not be the highest selling model in the Porsche’s portfolio now, but, according to the carmaker, it is still a veryimportant model in the product range and is vital in helping the Porschemaintain its position as one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world. The carmaker sold 32,365 units of 911 across the globe last year itself, which is more than ever before. Yet the carmaker boasts about the exclusivity of the 911s over the decade, the rich motorsport heritage and it being coveted as a collector’s item.

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