Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Simple Tips to Avoid the Car Engine Over Heat When Traffic Jam

RealAutoTips. - There are many condition that make our car engine heat suddenly like from the traffic jam. When traffic jam engine can not again using the air to cool the engine easily.

Illustration (Image Courtesy of Vivanews)

Therefore, the condition of the car must be really considered, especially the engine and fuel in order not to become a new problem when dealing with traffic jams. And you can use the simple tips here to avoid it.

From Vivanews (2016/06/27), site describe that in the condition of the streets are jammed the car engine works heavier, especially if the vehicle is stuck in a jam with a long duration of time. Car engine will be hot fast because if the condition is jammed, the car can no longer use the wind as a cooler on the engine.

Basically, if the car gets traffic jam for long enough, the resulting effect is an engine that will increase its temperature. Logically, the engine life will be hot, while cooling only rely on the fan engine (cooling fan). In fact, if the car cooling road is also assisted by the wind that hit the front of the car (radiator).

In addition, the car is susceptible to strike, because in hot engine conditions when jam, the quality of oil will decline faster. In order for none of that to happen you can use a special tip, especially for cars that have a fairly long time.

Take extra attention for older cars. Better check the cooling fan before traveling. Also check the amount of cooling water, if necessary bring backup water in case (water radiator). If it is badly stuck once better to turn off the car so that fuel is also more efficient.

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