Monday, July 3, 2017

Spanking A Turbo Porsche 911 SC On The Wet Will Keep You Honest by Michael Karkafiris

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Old 911s required a certain set of skills from their drivers to go fast, so you can imagine how much more they would ask if a turbo was added to the equation. 

This car started life as a bone stock 1982 911 SC, but as it sits right now it has a 3.4-litre flat-six built out of a 3.2-litre unit which then got a turbocharger bolted on to it, allowing it to produce 420hp at the wheels. 

The chassis got updated too, with 993 Turbo brakes, Bilstein/Elephant suspension, a limited-slip differential, beefed-up 930 running gear and much more. 

A vintage Porsche 911 that has more power than a 996 Turbo is truly intimidating, so you can imagine what happens if it starts raining like it did on Matt Farah’s latest video. 

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