Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Spyshots: 2019 Porsche 911 Reveals Digital Dashboard with Analog Rev Counter by Andrei Tutu

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You know times are changing when an automobile such as the Porsche 911 makes the switch to a digital dashboard. It's been quite a few months since we first noticed a 2019 Neunelfer prototype using a digital instrument cluster and another test car now allow us to get a closer look at the dashboard on the next-generation sportscar.

For starters, purists mustn't fret, since the iconic rev counter keeps its analog shape at the center of the instrument cluster. As for the traditional pairs of clusters flanking the rev counter, these are going digital.

Another important change comes from the center console. The infotainment screen now migrates to the top of the element, where the air vents used to sit.

The latest generation of the Porsche cabin design language, which can be seen on the 2019 Cayenne and the 2017 Panamera, obviously provides a few hints on what to expect from the interior of the upcoming rear-engined machine.

For instance, the massive screen we mentioned above seems to be the 12.3-inch display we've met on the long-roof models.

Also, we can expect multiple digital buttons to be used, with the main asset being that the cabin will have a cleaner appearance.

Interestingly, the German automotive producer has yet to offer a head-up display on its cars, with the wildest rumors out there talking about the 911 being the first to offer such a feature. Given the inevitable design inertia of the rear-engined animal, we'd take this kind of forum chat with a grain of salt.

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