Sunday, November 5, 2017

Old & New 997 Porsche 911 Slantnose Is a Martini Shot at SEMA by Andrei Tutu

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In an era when the SEMA show hosts modded electric cars (yes, we're talking about a Tesla Model S), the Las Vegas event also needs retro heroes. And, if we look past the muscle cars that tick this box, we'll find one hell of an exotic proposal coming from Japanese tuner Old & New. We're talking about the JDM aftermarket specialist's 997 Porsche 911 Slantnose.

We're looking at a nod to the 935 flachbau, a racecar that raced in FIA's Group 5 and IMSA GT Championship almost 4 decades ago, with the monster packing 845 turbo-fen ponnies.

And while the ex-generation Neunelfer-based kit isn't new, the tuning specialist has brought a delicious Martini take for this year's SEMA show.

Sure, the newcomer might not have the same output as the racecar it pays hommage to, but the 997 chassis means the rear bias is noticeably stronger than in the case of the current 991 models.

As such, the flat-six wielder we're looking at doesn't just scream Porsche essence, it also allows the ones fortunate enough to get behind its wheel to experience a raw Zuffenhausen aroma. Hydraulic power steering, anybody?

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