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Monster Twin-Turbo Porsche 911 GT2 Sets 7s 1/4-Mile World Record by Andrei Tutu

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Over the past few years, the Porsche 911 has strengthened its position in the drag racing realm, with the 996, 996 and 991 platforms being taken to new heights. And we're here to deliver the freshest example from the 997 realm, one that has seen a GT2 setting a world record.

To be more precise, the heavily tuned GT2 became the first 997 incarnation of the Neunelfer to play the quarter-mile game in the 7s arena.

The machine we're talking about completed the 1,320 feet run in 7.95 seconds at 190 mph (make that 305.9 km/h), with the thing spitting fire like a dragon throughout the process.

We're obviously looking at a heavily tuned setup, with the twin-turbo flat-six of the Porscha having been taken well north of the 1,500 hp border. As for the gearbox, the velocity behemoth packs a custom sequencial unit. The motor was massaged by Turkish specialist esmotor, while the car is run by Bahrain crew Ekanoo Racing.

As mentioned in the Instagram post at the bottom of the page, which shows the Porscha flying down a drag strip in Bahrain, the project we have here took about two years to complete.

Nevertheless, given the dedication displayed by both the said aftermarket specialist and racing team, we could see the 997 incarnation of the GT2 Neunelfer being taken even further.

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