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Now's Your Chance To Buy 18 Unused Porsche 911 GT3s by Matt Kimberley

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This is no ordinary classifieds advert. This is a classified ad listing not one, or two, but 18 Porsche 911 GT3s for sale, and none of them have ever been driven.

The unusual find comes from Dutch online marketplace Marktplaats. The story behind this veritable armada of German sports car loveliness is that the original buyer ordered them to use on a race circuit. Whether that was as cars for wannabe racing drivers to train in, or just for him and his mates to lark around in, we don’t know. The track wasn’t built, and the cars were never used.

What we do know is that the 18 469bhp GT3s have covered zero miles since being ordered in 2015. All are identical, with white paint over a black interior. They all have the Club Sport Package that covered a roll cage, six-point harnesses, fire extinguisher and prep for a battery master switch, all of which was aimed at track use.

On the other hand, on the only picture of one of the cars’ interiors, there’s no sign of the harnesses. Ordinary seat belts hang by the beautiful half-leather, half-Alcantara bucket seats. We’re not sure whether the advert has it wrong, at least partly.

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