Thursday, February 1, 2018

Circuit Wiring Diagram of Car Fuse Tester

RealAutoTips. - This is one of the simple circuit wiring diagram for useful appliance in a car that used for testing the function of fuse in car circuit in this time. With implement this circuit wiring diagram, you can monitor your car fuse circuit on or off, good or bad, close or open.

Circuit Wiring Diagram

Figure 1. Circuit Wiring Diagram of Car Fuse Tester (Source: Xtronic)

Figure 2. PCB layout design (Source: Xtronic)

Component Parts

  1. LED1
  2. LED2
  3. R1 = 1K
  4. U1 = Fuse 1A
  5. V1 = 12 VDC
  6. R = 1K


From circuit wiring diagram above show us the simple fuse tester work properly or not properly in car circuit. Using two LEDs will work opposite that indicate fuse broken or not. When LED 1 ON, it mean indicate that fuse is broken, and when LED 2 ON, it mean that fuse is connected.

Accordingly Xtronic site that also published this circuit, describe that the circuit is composed of two leds placed in parallel and felt opposite, the circuit doesn’t have like this polarity. The leds are protected by the resistor of 1 kohms. To use the circuit it sets up him/it in a mini circuit plate printed or just weld the components in agreement with the Schematic. As proof tip you can use two piece of threads of about 10 cm, do an I chamfer in their tip leaving them as the tip of proof of your multimeter. As the mounted circuit is only to lean the tips in the terminals of the fuse to be tested without removing the fuse of the door fuse. Preferably with the linked key so that the circuit of the automobile is energized.

If one of the leds led lights it indicates open fuse. Not to ignite, possibly the fuse is ok. Since the area of maintenance of TVs and domestic equipments are in drop, the area of electronics automotive is a good exit for technicians in electronics.

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