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Why Porsche Won’t Turbocharge the Next 911 GT3 and GT3 RS by Chris Perkins

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With a new 911 on its way and the Carrera lineup featuring exclusively turbocharged motors, there's a suspicion that the next Porsche 911 GT3 and GT3 RS might move to turbo powerplants. We don't think this will happen, for a very specific reason.

It has to do with Balance of Performance (BoP) The most dreaded acronym in sports car racing plays a big role in the continued existence of Porsche's naturally aspirated flat-six. At the premiere of the mid-engine 911 RSR race car back in 2016, Dr. Frank-Steffen Walliser, head of Porsche Motorsport, explained why.

"We opted for a normally aspirated engine mainly for weight reasons," Walliser told R&T at the time. "Because power and torque are balanced by BoP anyway, we said 'what is best for the car?' And less weight is always better [...] that's why we opted for natural aspiration."

Without turbos, Porsche's racing engine is lighter. In the BoP era, where power-to-weight is theoretically equalized among all competitors, a lightweight engine means the ability to add more weight to the car in the form of aerodynamic devices; it also allows engineers to fine-tune the car's weight distribution as they add ballast to get up to the minimum weight prescribed in the rules.

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