Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Car Modification 2018: It is very fast when Toyota Starlet using Suzuki Hayabusa engine

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Maybe when you have the old car and want it will run fastly in this time, one method is with modify it with the other engine. Probably can follow this one way. Toyota Starlet replaced the engine by using engine Suzuki Hayabusa.

a small hatchback with rear-wheel drive is ideal to be replaced the engine. Therefore the owner pinned the Hayabusa 1.3 L engine on the Toyota Starlet for the car festival at Rod Millen Leadfoot, New Zealand.

Although tiny, Starlet motorcycle engine Hayabusa car has a frightening voice. Not just in the urban only, the car is also strong to be invited to walk on a hill.

In the video looks very agile car twisted in the streets incline without difficulty means because now power equivalent to 200 horsepower and the weight is not too heavy just 780 kg.


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