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Porsche 911 Speedster Brings Its Retrolicious Body To Goodwood by Adrian Padeanu

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Porsche is putting on quite a show this weekend at the Goodwood Festival of Speed to celebrate 70 years since it’s been making sports cars. An important part of the festivities is represented by the 911 Speedster, which harkens back to the old days of the 356. It comes with a lightweight tonneau cover instead of the regular top, but that’s not what the makes the car special.

The Talbot-esque exterior mirror finished in chrome, the transparent and opaque surfaces of the headlights, and the double-bubble cover – these are some of the unique traits setting the Speedster apart from the regular 911s.

Porsche’s one-off celebrated its dynamic debut at the festival, flaunting the same two-tone GT Silver and White paint scheme like in the official shots from last month as a nod to the company’s early days of racing. Another important retro cue is represented by the 1950s-styled central fuel tank cap mounted in the middle of the front hood, while the number 70 on the doors is a reminder of what 2018 represents: the automaker’s seventieth birthday.

Technically a one-of-of car for the time being, the 911 Speedster could go into production, but it won’t happen until next year. Porsche has said it will make up its mind about launching a limited-run special edition in the months to come, and if approved, the car would go on sale at some point in 2019. We have a feeling it will be given the green light taking into account prototypes have been spotted lately testing at the N├╝rburgring.

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